For every LIKE we plant a TREE

Do you like our videos? For every LIKE we promise to plant a TREE!
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Some of our viewers recently expressed a desire to ‘act now’ after viewing the video reports. We took this seriously and used the summer months to study the possibilities of easily accessible involving you as a viewer. Of course there’s always the donate button, but to carry out a financial transaction might be too big a hurdle in the heat of the moment.

Planting a tree by clicking on the LIKE button, sounded like music to our ears. A great and simple way of transforming viewers concerns with the issue of climate change into action! But could we make it stick? How expensive would be such a promise? Of course a 5 or 10 dollar tree would never be in our range, but in the end some very solid and affordable tree planting projects came into the picture.

Eden Reforestation Projects replants forests in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia and Mozambique.

In our team Juliƫtte is the one to monthly check the number of likes, and inform you about the donations. In a recurrent video journal she will present the latest LIKE news. Watch her updates, published on our homepage and through socal media.

For Cool Down the Planet one of the next steps is to approach an accountant who independently validates our green movements.

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