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The Umbrella Project


Are you working on an innovative idea that helps tackle global warming? Interested in giving it a serious platform? Do you want to enable others to follow your progress and share knowledge? Expose your project here, gather recommendations and support, and have it published. Together we can try to realize your proposals and make the world a better place.

1) Share your thesis with us and receive your own digital workplace
2) Obtain feedback and support from 'the crowd'
3) Let's find a way to visualise your approach in a video animation
4) Let's try to get it published in a scientific journal
5) Let's look for incubators and start a journey towards realization

Starting in the autumn of 2018 we strive to launch and promote a growing number of student projects, that make a difference. Participation is free and any Intellectual Property will remain your's.

Meet the class of 'coolest experts' T.H.J.J. (Tim) van der Hagen T.H.J.J. (Tim) van der Hagen
Rector Magnificus TU Delft - President Executive Board

Cool Down The Planet is expected to provide innovative plans and out-of-the box solutions to reduce global warming. It can connect the world of research with all kinds of applications in practice.
Let's try to make it a powerful tool for students and other crowd-engineers who want to make an impact on society. Join it!

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How ‘cool’ is your university?
Climate change seems to move faster than we are. It threatens public health, the global economy, agricultural yields, social equality and many other aspects of life on earth. Tackling climate change is a global responsibility. Universities can play a decisive role. New knowledge and creativity is essential to countering the effects of climate change, including the development of cleaner energy, greener farming and methods to trap carbon dioxide. Our platform wants to give space to your desire to act and be part of an accountable community. Let’s share knowledge, strengthen and publish your ideas, and make your university one of the coolest.

Crowd Engineering
Beating climate change calls for unconventional methods. How to advance in boosting renewable energy, introduce a global circular economy, and develop creative ways to cool down our planet! We believe in the power of the internet communities. Collective creativity and brain power as the best consulting company. Let's call it 'crowd engineering': a new tool to reduce global warming. That is why we invite students and other ‘crowd engineers’ around the world to come up with triggering issues, smart innovative solutions and share them.