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Scholars on all continents!

Start a monologue. Write a poem. Sing a song. Be angree or make fun of it!

Express yourself about climate change, share your video and start collecting LIKES. We promise to plant a TREE for every LIKE. Join us! This could be your own simple tool to fight climate change.

How to send your videofile? You can use wetransfer for this purpose, or simply send us your youtube link. After adding an intro and outro your statement will get published and a new link sent back to you. In the end it’s time for all of us to give it a good promotion and collect LIKES.

Hope to see your face and hear your voice!
Best wishes,

Roelf van Til
Initiator and project leader

Eden Reforestation Projects replants forests in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia and Mozambique.

In our team Juliƫtte is the one to monthly check the number of likes, and inform you about the donations. In a recurrent video journal she will present the latest LIKE news. Watch her updates, published on our homepage and through social media.

“My name is JuliĆ«tte and I’m inviting you to share your one-minute-video on our platform Cool Down the Planet.”