Be our local junior reporter!

Send us your motivational video and be involved!

In the course of 2019 Cool Down the Planet will be launched officially. We’re doing our best to attach as many junior reporters as possible on all continents and in any country. They can be scholars, students or young video professionals – individuals with a clear mission to gather, show and share local images and expertise concerning climate change.

As a junior reporter you will be invited to shoot video footage and do interviews for us in your country. For this you’re getting paid. The editing is in our hands.

How to attend?

Express your motivation to join Cool Down the Planet in a one minute video and send it through or a youtube link. As a next step we’ll be in touch with you and discuss about the possibilities to represent us in your region.

Cool Down The Planet is a semi-professional video platform with a mission to map the impacts of climate change in all corners of the world and show human abilities to find solutons. And for this we need you!

Get in touch!

We think junior reporters can be scholars, students or young professionals. Our standard is semi-professional, but of course we do have some quality demands.

Some demands:

Firstly, arrange the interviews. As a junior reporter you will be asked to finetune the appointments with local ‘experts’ that we already made for you. Besides you can expect us to prepare a list with suggested questions and camera covershots.

Secondly, the language. We ask you to do the interviews in English. We also allow the use of native language but in that case we’ll ask for the corresponding translation.

Thirdly camera wise. Junior reporters are able to handle an HD-camera with tripod and microphone in good quality. Of course we do not oppose reporters to work with separate cameramen, but we cannot afford to pay them both.

Hardware and software demands: any HD-camera and any digital file format is allowed. We don’t like shaky shots, and expect the footage to be well audible and lit.

More info:

How do we select our future reporters? We select on two qualities: firstly ‘motivation’ to collaborate with us and help fight global warming by delivering video reports. And secondly ‘communication skills’ – are you able to express yourself on camera in a proper way?

Which climate issues are we interested in? We prefer to zoom in on those manifestations of climate change that are (partly) tackled by adaptation projects. So we can link ‘hot problems’ to ‘cool solutions’.

How about the payment? We pay per project 2-3 days. The fee is € 350,- (all in) and max € 100,- extra for traveling expenses if necessary.

Our journalistic approach tells us not to pay for the experts or other interviewees.

If necessary we can issue a ‘letter of confirmation’ for the reporter. See example here below.

190610-CDTP-letter of confirmation