Why we start this journey

In recent years it appears that temperatures worldwide are rising faster than expected. Time to act! A team of Delft University of Technology delved into the question how they could contribute to combating global warming.

As a result – and after some detours – finally the concept of a grand journalistic video expedition was born. Movies can make a high impact in raising awareness. They can make the difference and motivate people to do something. Why not try to document both the impact of climate change as the way people try to counteract? Why not start a videochannel about climate change!

Starting in the spring of 2019 we strive to launch an ever growing number of small, relatively simple but fundamental film projects around te world. TU Delft took the lead in supporting this platform. Now we are looking for other partners and stakeholders to take up the flag and join us.

Global warming seems to move faster than we are. It threatens public health, the global economy, agricultural yields, social equality and many other aspects of life on earth. Tackling climate change is a global responsibility.

Both the public and private sector can play a decisive role. Our platform wants to give space to their desire to act and be part of an accountable community. So let’s start to publish video documents on Cool Down The Planet and show what’s going on.

When it comes to the funding: we hope a number of ‘cool’ partners will support our video mission. Would this ‘cool’ status suit your organization? Please consider to be a stakeholder and get in touch!

I am honored being afforded the opportunity to contribute to this interesting and promising tool!

Roelf van Til – initiator and project leader – roelf@cooldowntheplanet.com

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