Why we start this journey

Temperatures worldwide have evidently been rising faster than expected in recent years. Time to act! A team of Delft University of Technology delved into the question as to how they could contribute to combating global warming.

As a result – and after some detours – the concept of a grand journalistic video expedition was born. Movies can have a high impact in raising awareness. They can make the difference and motivate people to do something. Why not try to document both the impact of climate change and the way people try to counter it? Why not start a video channel about climate change?!

Starting in the summer of 2019, we are endeavouring to launch an ever growing number of small and basic film projects around the world. Delft University of Technology took the lead in supporting this platform. Now we are looking for other partners and stakeholders to take up the flag and join us.

Global warming seems to be moving faster than we are. It threatens public health, the global economy, agricultural yields, social equality and many other aspects of life on earth. Tackling climate change is a global responsibility.

Both the public and the private sector can play a decisive role. Our platform wants to give space to a desire to act and be part of an accountable community. So let us start to publish video documents on Cool Down The Planet and show what is going on.

When it comes to funding, we hope that a number of COOL partners will support our video mission. Would this ‘cool’ status suit your organization? Please consider becoming a sponsor or stakeholder and get in touch!

I am honoured to be afforded the opportunity to contribute to this interesting and promising tool!

Roelf van Til – initiator and project leader – roelf@cooldowntheplanet.com

  • Will you publish my personal opinion about global warming?
    Yes, we would be honoured, so you can send your video message about climate change to our email address. We do prefer to give it our own 'fingerprint' by adding a CDTP banner and by limiting the length to about one minute. We expect your video message to be serious and civilized, so please do not use rude language.

    Get in touch!
  • What kind of subjects are suitable for the journalistic formula?
    We would like fo focus on three climate change issues:

    1) The causes and consequences of climate change (observation).
    2) The way we seek to lower the risks posed by climatic change (adaptation).
    3) Actions to limit the magnitude or rate of global warming - such as CO2 reduction (mitigation).

    The topics must have a journalistic relevance.
  • Are promotional videos welcome too?
    Any serious video story about a significant climate change subject is welcome, as long as it focuses on the content (and not on PR). Our videos are quite basic and transparent. Some features:

    - One reporter starting with a short stand-upper.
    - One or two interviewees.
    - At least a dozen of cover shots.
    - Voice-overs to be written and recorded jointly.
    - Output videos can be 2-3 minutes long.

    We will edit the footage. You can send a first selection by wetransfer.com or filemail.com.
  • Who is going to pay for the production? Can I sponsor this?
    We hope to get support from stakeholders and sponsors who like our initiative and recognize the importance and urgency of the matter. You can adopt one or more future videos to be recorded at any place in the world. Output videos will clearly show the credits. Please ask for rates and conditions.

    Get in touch!
  • Can I be your correspondent and suggest an item?
    Of course. Cool Down the Planet invites you to be our regional correspondent!

    We aim to find motivated people, students or professionals, who can help us find subjects that are suitable for future video reports. The topics must have journalistic relevance. The next step is to get stakeholders to adopt the suggested video items. We will offer a modest financial compensation for every successful attempt.

    Interested in joining our global team? Get in touch!
  • Can I offer my services as a reporter (cameraman or camerawoman)?
    We intend to work with freelancers everywhere in the world. Cameramen and women are not only asked to shoot some video footage concerning the topic, but also to record a short 'stand-upper' on location. So you will be introduced as a reporter as well :-). We will prepare the project together.

    Our video's are quite basic and transparant. Some features:
    - One reporter starting with a short stand-upper.
    - One or two interviewees.
    - At least a dozen of cover shots.
    - Voice-overs to be written and recorded jointly.
    - Output videos can be 2-3 minutes long.

    We will edit the footage. You can send a first selection by wetransfer.com or filemail.com.
    If you are you a professional video-maker and are you interested in our formula, ask for more information, send your portfolio, and join the team of 'cool' makers. Get in touch!
  • Who owns Cool Down The Planet? What's your motivation?
    Our platform was initiated by a small organization - New Energy TV - with full support of Delft University of Technology, It is now online and is owned by an independent not-for-profit foundation called 'Cool Down The Planet', based in the Netherlands.

    Eager to embark on this endeavour without any further ado, Cool Down the Planet did not wait for the necessary resources and partnerships. We do need them, nonetheless, and sincerely hope you will lend us your trust and support.
  • How can we partner with Cool Down The Planet?
    Delft University of Technology has taken the lead in supporting this platform. It has facilitated Cool Down the Planet by giving valuable feedback on various issues and funding for the development of the CDTP website. The time has now come to spread our wings and look for wider endorsement.

    OUR ACTIVITIES: – managing a video platform about climate change – mobilizing correspondents, stakeholders and partners – editing incoming footage

    OUR REQUEST: – help us identify interesting topics to be featured – lend your (company) name to these videos and be a sponsor – be a stakeholder by joining and supporting our initiative

    OUR OFFER: – get official COOL status and be part of our COOL community – benefit from the promotion through credits in our videos and on our website
    Get in touch!
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