Why we start this journey

Julia Kenul

My name is Julia Kenul. I am a student at the University of Amsterdam and one of the presenters and producers at Cool Down the Planet. Originally from Poland and the United States, I’ve lived in over ten countries and have been lucky enough to experience the beauty of our world. Conversely, I’ve seen first-hand the human damage we are causing to it. I’ve walked in cities where waste overtook the streets and sidewalks. I’ve visited several of our world’s shrinking seas. Tragically, I have driven past the remains of poached elephants and rhinos. The climate concerns every single one of us and it’s time we all start paying more attention. Climate news can be overwhelming– we’re here to condense that information and keep you informed with bite-size clips. Stay tuned for future episodes. We hope to see you there!

Juliëtte van Til

Hi! I’m Juliëtte and I’m in my last year of highschool. In my free time I dance and make art. I love to learn new things about the world and our planet. Therefore, hearing different people’s stories and spreading awareness about climate change is something I’m very passionate about!

Our mission

Temperatures worldwide have evidently been rising faster than expected in recent years. Time to act! A team of Delft University of Technology delved into the question as to how they could contribute to combating global warming. As a result – and after some detours – the concept of a grand journalistic video expedition was born.

Why movies? Movies can have a high impact in raising awareness. They can make the difference and motivate people to do something. That’s why we thought: why not start a video channel about climate change? Why not try to document the impact of climate change country by country?

Starting in the spring of 2021, we are endeavouring to launch an ever growing number of small and basic film projects around the world. Delft University of Technology took the lead in supporting this platform. Now we are looking for other partners and stakeholders to take up the flag and join us.

Global warming seems to be moving faster than we are. It threatens public health, the global economy, agricultural yields, social equality and many other aspects of life on earth. Tackling climate change is a global responsibility.

Both the public and the private sector can play a decisive role. Our platform wants to give space to a desire to act and be part of an accountable community. So let us start to publish real reports on climate change and global warming.

Roelf van Til – initiator and project leader – roelf@cooldowntheplanet.com