Hydrogen challenge: shared prize

A Cool Down the Planet jury rewarded two finalists teams with the first prize. Both Team Ulm from Germany and Team UTEC from Peru became the winners in the challenge ‘How to boost Trucks on Hydrogen’.

According to the jury: “Ulm presented a very solid plan, with practical outreach. We would say: the best proposal. UTEC did a wonderfull job in mobilizing people to comment and to collaborate. They took the crowd engineering part very seriously and worked hard to improve their plan.”

Team UTEC: Mauricio Gomez, Elena Ezquerra Silva, Luis Sialer Filinich.

Linde Gas Benelux and the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE) sponsored the competition with € 3500,-. prize money. The winning input – check our website – will be shared with relevant authorities and market parties.

Cool Down the Planet organized this challenge as an important ‘try out’ for it’s crowd engineering formula.

Team Ulm: Leena Odeh, Alec Laws, Daniele Gatti, Ha-gyeong Baek, Mervyn Soans, Micah Kassner, Orhan Deniz Kalkan, Yu-an Chen, Yujia Liu, Srivatsan Ramasubramanian.