Dear all in Iraq

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Dear all,

Climate change is starting to hit many parts of the world, and we believe taking action against it is a global project. That is why we are unveiling a new instrument: a video channel named ‘Cool Down The Planet’. Starting with a handful of informative movies, we hope to add a useful and unifying outlet for many in the end.

Please go to and watch our launch video on YouTube

Cool Down The Planet is a semi-professional video platform with a mission to map the impact of climate change in all corners of the world and show human abilities to find solutons. And for this we need you!

• People with a relevant video message relating to climate change should send it in and have it published here!

• Junior correspondents and reporters: identify and record video footage relating to climate change in your region. Get a fee!

• Stakeholders and sponsors: attach your name to specific videos and help us grow!

In the course of 2019 we will be starting from scratch, without an extensive network, and with just a few small sponsors. But we – as a couple of motivated individuals – believe strongly in our mission, namely to show and share the challenges and solutions relating to climate change.

Ask for more infomation, send your portfolio, and join the team of COOL makers. We are very much open to your good advices! Get in touch!

Greetings from Holland – Roelf van Til