Your university as one of the coolest?

Delft University of Technology took the lead in supporting this platform. It facilitated Cool Down the Planet by giving valuable feedback on various issues and by delivering a 100% funding on the development of the CDTP website. Now it’s time to spread our wings and look for wider endorsement.

We need both academic and business partners for collaboration and financial support. To give an overview:

    – moderate an ever growing number of student designed projects
    – mobilize experts and ‘crowd’
    – engage stakeholders and incubators
    – activate students to launch a project on this platform
    – help us find student ambassadors
    – financial support
    – use this platform and give your most ambitious students a wider scope
    – be part of the socalled ‘coolest universities’
    – benefit from the promotion

Beating climate change calls for unconventional methods. How to advance in boosting renewable energy, introduce a global circular economy, and develop creative ways to cool down our planet!

On Cool Down the Planet one can post and elaborate projects. They must be innovative, original, and ambitous: aimed at realizing a breakthrough in the struggle against global warming.

We believe in the power of the internet communities. Your collective brain power and creativity could make the difference. Let’s start today!

Participation is free. We will not ask any fee from you or your university. When it comes to the funding: we’re confident that our platform will be supported by some ‘cool universities’ and ‘cool partners’. Would this suit you? Please consider to be a stakeholder and get in touch!