One of the Coolest Universities:
TU Delft

A few good reasons to call Delft University of Technology one of the Coolest Universities:

1)  A significant proportion of TU Delft research relates to sustainable development, including many publications in peer-reviewed journals. Faculties of the TU Delft are split into numerous research departments and topics, some of which have a particular focus on sustainability, like:

2) TU Delft has established Delft Research-based Initiatives (DRIs) in four areas which are among the most important themes in today’s society. The four areas of research are all closely related to sustainability challenges of today, as they are:

3) Some ‘TU Delft Institutes’ are clusters of high-quality research capacity that enable TU Delft to join national and international consortia and networks, also making TU Delft more attractive to top scientific talent. TU Delft Institutes are headed by internationally renowned scientists. Examples related to sustainability include:

4) Together with the universities in Leiden and Rotterdam Delft University of Technology runs a Centre for Sustainability. This is an interdisciplinary research and education centre in which these three universities work together in the field of circular economy. The Knowledge & Innovation hubs form the core of the centre. Here students are offerded meaningful graduation opportunities, an interdisciplinary work environment and a network with organisations like municipalities and businesses.

Last but not least:
TU Delft has been supporting Cool Down The Planet by giving valuable feedback and by funding part of the CDTP website. For this we want to show our appreciation!

Take a look at this video that focusses on the socalled Delft Plan. The plan is TU Delft’s proposal to initiate a movement to harness the power of the Netherlands for the European energy sector. Energy conversion, storage, trade and transport are all key concepts in this.