On this page video news about climate change in Abkhazia will be published. The topics are supposed to have a journalistic relevance. We would like fo focus on three climate change related issues:

1) The causes and consequences of climate change (observation)
2) The way we seek to lower the risks posed by climatic change (adaptation)
3) Actions to limit the magnitude or rate of global warming – like CO2 reduction (mitigation)

We invite you to collaborate with us!

Now we’re ready with setting up a formula the next step is to involve people from different continents. Also from your country! In stead of working with facebook campaigns we would like to try a more personal approach. Here you as a new ambassador might help us.

An ambassador is expected to support our initiative and assist us unroll the Cool Down The Planet video tool. This means: help us collect subjects that are suitable for future reports. We could already welcome these ambassadors to our platform.

Cool Down The Planet invites you to be our new ambassador. We aim to find representatives all over the world. Interested in joining our team? Get in touch!

Cameramen and women, interested in our format? Ask for more infomation, send your portfolio, and join the team of ‘cool’ makers. Get in touch!

Adopt some films and make people aware of global warming!

Movies can make a high impact in raising awareness. They can make the difference and move people to do something. Our mission is – almost like a grand journalistic expedition – to video document both climate change as the battle against it.

If you as a company or organization get inspiration from this, be a stakeholder and adopt a next video! Help us identify and expose the real consequences of climate change and global warming. Moreover: let’s show the transitions towards a zero emission society. We hope to achieve enough support to finance this undertaking. A multi-annual journey through the new reality.

Please consider to be a stakeholder and get in touch!