Short summary - last update January 4th, 2019

The Climate Clock shows our best estimate of when global temperature will reach 1.5 above average pre-industrial temperatures, assuming global CO2 emissions continue to increase following the observed trend of the past five years. Following this trajectory, 1.5 °C is reached on April 26, 2033 Source: climateclock.

Fortunately there's still time to act. Humanity has the power to add time to the Clock, but only if we work collectively. Join our efforts and share your knowledge!


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Universities can play a decisive role. New knowledge and creativity is essential to countering the effects of climate change, including the development of cleaner energy, greener farming and methods to trap carbon dioxide. Our platform wants to give space to your desire to act and be part of an accountable community. So let’s share knowledge and elaborate your ideas on Cool Down the Planet.

Participation is free. We will not ask any fee from you or your university. When it comes to the funding: we're confident that our platfom will be supported by a number of 'cool universities' and 'cool partners'. Would this special status also suit your organisation? Please consider to be a stakeholder and get in touch!

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News about our student ambassadors

Cool Down The Planet invites you to represent your university as our new student ambassador. We aim to have one point of contact (or two at the max) at every college. Interested in joining our fast-growing global team? Please get in touch with us!

Now we're ready with setting up a formula the next step is to involve students (crowd!) from different continents. In stead of working with facebook campaigns we would like to try a more personal approach. Here ‘student ambassadors’ could help us.

A student ambassador is expected to support our initiative and assist us unroll the Cool Down The Planet tool. This means: inspire fellow students to share their knowledge on our platform and help us find serious candidates fot next projects at your institute.

News about our partners

We're eager to bond with 'cool partners'. Our platform is initiated by a small organisation - New Energy TV - with launching support of Delft University of Technology, Since it's online the ownership is in the hands of an independent non-commercial foundation, called 'Cool Down The Planet', based in the Netherlands.

We think the world's universities have a responsability to take the lead in fighting global warming. We challenge students to share their breakthrough-projects, strenghten them 'online' and make them ready for implementation.

Cool Down the Planet is eager to start this journey without any delay. As a consequence we didn't wait for the necessary resources and partnerships. Still, we need them, please give us the confidence.

News about climate change

Climate change seems to move faster than we are. It threatens public health, the global economy, agricultural yields, social equality and many other aspects of life on earth.

ScienceDaily with daily updates about Climate News is our source for the latest research news concerning this topic.

Feel free to post your own observations and thoughts about extreme weather, climate change and global warming.