Short summary - last update December 21st, 2018

In many ways hydrogen remains the fuel for the future, potentially capable of powering millions of cars while emitting nothing more than water from exhaust pipes. The trouble for the nascent hydrogen industry is that it’s progressing too slowly.

To make a push with hydrogen mobility the FCEV-industry (fuel cell electric vehicles) has to act now. And the next step must be immense in order not to be blown away by the EV-industry (electric vehicles). After all, battery-powered cars are racing ahead, with increasing ranges, faster recharging times and falling costs.

We propose a breakthrough model H2-ForYou that provides future FCEV-owners with home delivered hydrogen gas. This special service, sponsored by the market and meant to seduce consumers tu buy a hydrogen fuel cell powered car, is supposed to boost the entire FCEV-industry.

In our proposal fuel cell car owners may welcome a mobile filling station in their neighborhood once a week to the max. A fully fueled tank gives a driving range of around 500 km. In a relatively small country like the Netherlands just one five-ton truck, equipped with a liquid hydrogen pump, could already serve the first 100 FCEV’s. In Germany a dozen of these trucks, driving around from place to place, are enough to make a change.

H2-ForYou solves the chicken-and-egg question. Car drivers waiting for hydrogen pumpstations, and hydrogen pumpstations waiting for clients.

Looking forward to collaborate!
Martijn and Sebastiaan

Download the first version of the H2-ForYou Project

If you cannot make your way to the hydrogen gas station - simply because it's not there yet - we'll get the filling station coming your way.

But first we shall have to elaborate our proposals. Help us answering the questions that you'll find on this page.

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How to regulate H2 mobile filling stations

Safety first also applies to mobile fillings stations. Indeed, the everyday use and acceptance of hydrogen must be careful introduced.

Are gas suppliers allowed to deliver hydrogen ‘on location’? If yes, where and how do laws permit the hydrogen refilling practice? If no, can we find better location alternatives nearby people’s homes?

Quality and costs of H2 mobile filling stations

The first examples of hydrogen mobile filling trucks appeared on the market recently. Hylium Industries invented a five-ton truck equipped with a liquid hydrogen pump, vaporizer, and dispenser. It can fill up to 100 hydrogen-powered cars per day, according to the firm. Linde Gas developed a H2 mobile station too.

How can we calculate the costs when such trucks would be introduced for FCEV-clients?

What are the consequences for FCEV-owners?

What offer can future clients expect? Let’s assume they will pay for the hydrogen gas. But how much? How can the industry unroll this service and avoid excessive costs?

Efficient logistics – launching a delivery app for consumers – seems a must. Suppose legal restrictions block filling options ‘at the front door’, can clients be satisfied with solutions ‘nearby’? Where? Can we find inspiration from other innovations?

Green Hydrogen Can we use green hydrogen for this project?

Green hydrogen is produced by renewable energy sources. Grey hydrogen is a by-product of refineries.

Our ambition is to deliver 100% green hydrogen to the FCEV-market. But do wind and solar energy already deliver sufficient output? If not, how can we make that happen?

Use Mendeley

Elsevier's Mendeley is a nice tool to store and share relevant articles, data sets and of course opinions. For this project we'll create a new map here.

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