We interviewed Mr. Hok Menghoin - The NGO Forum on Cambodia

Usually hunderds of Cambodian families join their holiday here. But the waterfalls of Kampong Speu recently dried up. In Phnom Penh NGO-official mr. Hok Menghoin confirms that climate change is hitting hard across Cambodia, while the population is highly vulnerable to the impacts.



This video is presented by Chum Reap and produced by Sarin Prom.
This video is adopted by Dutch Climate Systems, that developed and produces the airconditioner of the future. Dutch Climate Systems is a Holland-based tech company with a revolutionary technology in air conditioning. Combining technology and idealism, it wants to change the world.

• Local and regional impacts of climate change (observation)
• Local and regional efforts to cope with these impacts (adaptation)
• The solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation)

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