we invite you to take part

We welcome any mind speaking idea about showing the effects of climate change in Afghanistan. Besides we would like put remarkable regional examples of CO2 reduction in the spotlights. Our reports are journalistic relevant and basic. One example (to be replaced):

Cool Down the Planet focusses on three climate change related issues:

1) The causes and consequences of climate change (observation).
2) The way we seek to lower the risks posed by climatic change (adaptation).
3) Actions to limit the magnitude or rate of global warming - like CO2 reduction (mitigation).

We aim to find motivated people, students or professionals, who help us collect subjects that are suitable for future video reports. You can join as an ambassador. A next step is to engage stakeholders that adopt the suggested video items. We offer a modest financial compensation for every successful attempt.

Do you have a question, do want to share an idea, or are you interested in joining our journey? Let's get in touch.


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