New correspondent: Zhengjie from Chongqing University, China

Today our team could add two new correspondents from China. We welcome Zhengjie Yang and Ye Luo, both from Chongqing University and very motivated to help us find suitable subjects for video projects in their country. Cool Down The Planet first asked Zhengjie Yang to answer some questions,

Hi Zhengjie Yang, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Zhengjie Yang. I am a student from Chongqing University majoring new energy science and engineering of College of Power. Two years undergraduate study has made me familiar with basic engineering courses. I learned plenty of mechanics engineering courses and received high grades including Advanced Mathematics, Programming in C, Engineering Graphics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I do not just want to stick to basic subjects, but also to use the rules of engineering to solve problems in the real world.

What motivated you to choose for this study?

During my thermodynamics class, I rapidly became fascinated with sustainable power supply which I view as the best solution of serious energy problem. Renewable energy empowers us to save the future from energy crisis.

What are your ambitions? How would you like to develop your future career?

I want to join or built a company, providing renewable energy to majority of people. If people finally realize their dream to move on Mars, there are sustainable energy solutions like solar energy provided by my company. To do this, I want to broaden my horizon of world energy consumption and policy, advanced development. Since innovation and entrepreneurship really go hand in hand, I sincerely want to gain an overall cognition of innovation, learn specific way to operate entrepreneurial innovation.

Do you see any results from climate change in your region? If yes, can you give an example?

Having visited the North Pole by an Icebreaker Sea Spirit, I saw not only dying glacier but also a dead polar bear. The bear, badly smelling after dying from starvation., was kept untouched and displayed. Men went around taking photos preparing to make breaking news. Polar bears, poor big animals, which used to dominate the Arctic Ocean, thanks to global warming, were left 20,000, categorized as endangered animals and about to extinct. The situation that human being emits tremendous amount of greenhouse gases, breaking the balance of biosphere brought me into contact with energy consumption. However, traditional energy structure is hard to adjust only when great innovation in new energy science and engineering field occurs.

What do you consider is a strong quality of the Cool Down The Planet formula? 

Students can use their potential to think different or dig into advanced technology to solve ecological problems which are of vital importance. They must have many creative ideas, of which there are ideas worth taken into practice to really solve the problem.