New correspondent: Mikołaj Szyca from University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, Poland

Today our team was strengthened by a student from University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz in Poland. His name is Mikołaj Szyca, a bachelor student of mechanical engineering. He expects to have his focus on fuel cells and ecological engines in future years. But he’s also interested in the design and creation of vehicles. In his home town he saw the river dry up as a consequense of climate change.  Mikołaj will assist us to unroll Cool Down The Planet and is very motivated to help us find suitable subjects to be featured in his country. We first asked him to answer some questions.

Mikołaj, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Mikołaj Szyca. I’ve always lived in Poland. I am a bachelor student of mechanical engineering at University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz. First steps of saving environment knowledge I gained from my mother, because she studied environmental protection engineering. When I started studying I was interested in functioning hydrogen fuel cells and electrolysis of water. In my free time I read about psychical conditions of functioning engines. Overtime I am learning Czech language.

What motivated you to choose for the study that you’re doing?

When I went to last class in high school I had gained confidence that I wanted to focus on technically studies. I considered mechanical engineering, mechatronics and electrotechnics, finally I decided for the first option, because I have more interesting specialities there.

What are your ambitions? How would you like to develop your future career?

Vision which I have acquired in the second month of my studies, but today I know, that my career will rotate around fuel cells and ecological engines. I am interested in computer aided design technologies, at University of Science and Technology; we have a strongly developed branch of that. Most of my colleagues from mechanical engineering will be workers of creating packages industry, because Bydgoszcz counts lots of companies that deal with it. I am interested in the design and creation of vehicles, so I am open to other areas for my future work and life.

Do you see any consequences from climate change in your region? If yes, can you give an example?

Climate change is so much extensive theme, but yes, I see it every day, but the most amazing example which I can introduce is the river nearby my house. Two years ago as a result of dry weather the river has dried up. Other example is more shocking than previous. Last summer my region experienced a whirlwind. The oldest inhabitants don’t remember something like that. But this is not all: two weeks after the first one a second whirlwind occurered, more dangerous than the previous one. Such circumstances created in citizens and local society a new vision of our region like less safe area.

What do you consider is a strong quality of the Cool Down The Planet formula? 

In my opinion “Cool Down The Planet” will create new vision of works on saving the environment. I read some articles about project’s ambassadors and now I know that people from various scientific discipline come here to create something incredible. I think that using formula like challenges is great idea, because students who are going to take part in it will be more motivated to take it on.