New correspondent: Muneer Qudaisat from Irbid, Jordan

Today our team was strengthened by a student from Jordan University of Science and Technology. He’s a civil engineer, who recognizes the threats of climate change in the Middle East. Scarcity of water is a major issue. Muneer is very motivated to work on these issues in future years, and he likes our platform’s approach. That’s why he will try to assist us unroll Cool Down The Planet and help us find suitable subjects to be featured in his country. We first asked him to answer some questions by mail.

Muneer, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Muneer Qudaisat, I’m a fresh graduated Civil Engineer with the bachelor degree from Jordan University of Science and Technology.

What motivated you to choose for the study that you’re doing?

I’ve been very interested in the Environmental Science and engineering, as I started to realize the size of the issues and problems related to it.
As a Jordanian citizen, I live in a country with limited and scarce water resources, where the share per capita from water resources is less than 100 cubic meter a year.
This renders Jordan among the three water poorest countries worldwide; I can feel and experience such a problem on a daily basis, and I can tell that this major problem is only becoming worse as time passes and we don’t do anything about it.
I believe that global warming has given its share in the causes of water shortage in various places around the world and specially Jordan. Which motivates me to be part of the solution.

What are your ambitions? How would you like to develop your future career?

I want to be a pioneer in water management, which includes providing and delivering water to people in addition to the treatment and reuse of that water, and all the processes and means related to it.
I’m looking forward to develop and optimize the treatment processes and outcomes for further utilization, which will – hopefully – provide new unconventional water resources to the most water scarce countries worldwide.

Do you see any consequences from climate change in your region? If yes, can you give an example?

Yes, the region witness changes in climate and rainfall trends over the past few years.
Jordan is considered an arid area. The impacts of climate change, high population growth, the depletion of groundwater reserves are likely to aggravate the situation in the future.
The mean annual maximum temperature results show an increase in the whole country, and the rainfall is in a decreasing trend in some areas.
Climate change – with Temperature as a driving force – is starting to affect human life activities and agriculture both rain fed and irrigated areas, the increase in temperature which leads to the decrease in stream flow is predicted to affect the ground water abstraction and recharge. This will severely damage the country’s water budget and resource.

What do you consider is a strong quality of the Cool Down The Planet formula?

I believe that this tool would be such a great way to mind up some bright and innovative ideas as it combines a group of ambitious engineers in different majors and different backgrounds but with a unified noble goal, in addition, this platform connects them together for better brainstorming across the continents.
And I believe it’s a great chance and starting point for any motivated engineer who’s willing to make the world a better place.