New correspondent: Daniele Gatti from Ulm, Germany

One week after Cool Down The Planet started to roll out an international network of correspondents Daniele Gatti from Ulm University in Germany joined the team. He is motivated and very motivated to help us find suitable subjects for video projects in his country. To introduce Daniele Gatti as a correspondent for our platform we asked him some questions.

Hi Daniele, can you introduce yourself?
Hello, my name is Daniele Gatti, I am very interested in the renewable energy field and passionate about new technologies and discoveries. Since I was thirteen I was interested in scientific subjects, so I studied chemistry in highschool and during my Bachelor in ‘Industrial Chemistry’ I started developing interest in the renewable energy field. So after that I wanted to discover new environment and new people, outside my homecountry, I decided to do my master in ‘Energy Science and Technology’ in  Ulm.

Why did you decide to study ‘Energy Science and Technology’, and what about your ambitions?
The passion for the subject and the big challenge of the climate change and global warming, led me to this field and in the end to this master. I would really like to continue studying in the field of renewable energy and environment getting more into it by starting a PhD. And on the long term, it would be amazing being able to start up my own company related to that.

Do you see any impact from climate change on your daily life?
More than directly on the environment, I recognize a different approach of the institutions toward a cleaner policy, an increasing interest and conscientiousness about the consequences of climate change  on the environment. Also, in regards to universities, more attention is drawn to clean and renewable energy, waste recycling, and treatment of polluted areas.

What do you consider is a strong quality of the Cool Down The Planet formula?

The choice to use the ‘student ambassador’ as the means to spread the news, in my opinion is the best way to inform the people about the projects. The ambassador will not only spread the news on the social media, but with the more personal approach he/she would reach people who are really interested, motivated, passionate and qualified. The fact that people, even with different background, can contribute to the challenge by approaching the problem with a different prespective, is for sure a promising tool.