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Does your enterprise believe in green concepts? Are you a professional expert and eager to help our students with useful advices? Represent the class of Coolest Companies! As a Cool Companies you are important for us by giving input to the discussions. That means: now and then checking the chats and post a knowledgeable question or comment. Together we will try to even upgrade these ambitious challenges!

The slightest reward we can offer is to add your organisation to a list of ‘cool companies’. And – if you like – we can give you the opportunity to share your own ultimate thoughts about ‘how to cool down planet Earth’.

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ENERGYELEPHANT: EnergyElephant’s vision is to help people make better energy decisions by helping them understand their energy data. From homes up to mega multinationals.

SWIRL: Renewable Energies in the Digital Society, Clean Energy Mini-Grid (CEMG) 5-30kW Wind & Solar.

NEW ENERGY TV: Producing video’s about green projects, in a journalistic manner.

SOLATOM: Develops concentrating solar plants that concentrate the sun to generate high temperature heat for industrial processes.