The class of ‘crowd engineers’

Compensating your efforts with a little bit of publicity

People are busy! How can we expect you to be a ‘crowd engineer’ in your rare spare time? We can’t! That’s why we are so grateful with every single comment or question in one of our chats.

The slightest award we can offer is to add your name to a list of active crowd engineers. And – if you like – we can give you the opportunity to share your own ultimate thoughts about ‘how to cool down planet Earth’.

  • Anyone listed below is invited to send a ‘quote’ (max.100 words)

Thanks for joining our community of crowd engineers during the first ‘pilot’:
Nestor Deza
Sergio Nuñez
Cosimo Resta
Gianfranco Podestá
Emilio Grandy
Cristel Orellano
Manuel Egúsquiza León
Bruno Oyague
Stefany Yamile Molina Zegarra
Maria Luisa Zuñiga Quispe
Kenny Ruiz
Carlos Kiyan
Fernando Munguía
Luis David García Ruiz
Raphael Rinaldi
Daniele Porcu
Santiago Otero Peña
Jaime Rodrigues
Jorge Navarrete
Danae Chipoco Haro
Fernando Munguía
Fabricio Espinoza
Valentina De Sanctis
Barbara Gottardi
Edel Gonzales
Pierre-Laurent Morimont
Nazdya Silva
Anna Illarionova
Maria Grazia Piccirillo
Rossella Piccirillo
Manuel Mar
Jorge E Z Querra
Julien Noel
Ursula Silva
Danae Chipoco Haro
Luis Sialer
Luis Alberto Sialer Zamora – Team UTEC
Maxwell Francis
Yusuf Bicer
Engr. Waleed Farooq Mughal – quote
Deniz Kalkan – Team Ulm
Mauricio Gomez – Team UTEC
Srivatsan Ramasubramanian – Team Ulm
Leena Odeh – Team Ulm
Ayfer Veziroglu – Jury challenge 0001 – quote
Mervyn Soans – Team Ulm
Daniele Gatti – Team Ulm
Elena Ezquerra – Team UTEC – quote