we invite you to take part

Dear student of The University of Sydney,

Are you working on an innovative idea that helps tackle global warming? Interested in giving it a serious platform? Do you want to enable others to follow your progress and share knowledge? Expose your project here, gather recommendations and support, and have it published. Together we can try to realize your proposals and make the world a better place.

1) Share your thesis with us and receive your own digital workplace
2) Obtain feedback and support from 'the crowd'
3) Let's find a way to visualise your approach in a video animation
4) Let's try to get it published in a scientific journal
5) Let's look for incubators and start a journey towards realization

Your project is supposed to be original, innovative and ambitous: aimed at realizing a breakthrough in the struggle against global warming. Being your host and moderator, Cool Down the Planet will assist you in every step.

We call our method 'crowd engineering'. Last few months two teams - one from Germany and one from Peru - tested our tool, giving us the confidence to continue on this path. Starting in the autumn of 2018 we strive to - within some months - launch and promote dozens of student projects, that could make a difference.

Participation is free. We will not ask any fee from you or your university, nor will we claim any Intellectual Property. So if you like, join our team of pioneers, submit your proposals and help cool down the planet. But let's first get in touch. Best wishes!


Moderated by Cool Down the Planet, CDTP

Climate change seems to move faster than we are. It threatens public health, the global economy, agricultural yields, social equality and many other aspects of life on earth. Tackling climate change is a global responsibility.

We think the world's universities have a responsability to take the lead in fighting global warming. That's why we challenge students to share their breakthrough-projects, strenghten them 'online' and make them ready for implementation.

Collecting 100 student projects for the future, join us!