How can we make it possible:

In the next 1000 days - maybe even more - we'll give the floor to a major project from Xia Langmeng, a student from Chongqing University in China. His "Umbrella Project" aims to shoot large cargo of thin, reflective film into space and unfold it somewhere in space between sun and planet Earth.

For this Xia Langmen wants to use 'a flexible and lightweight film incorporating a mesh, shaped from memory alloy, that can be fully folded'. According to his preliminary calculation, one rocket mission might succeed in sending at least 6kmĀ² of such reflective material to the intended location. Xia: "One hunderd Falcon Heavy missions could do the job to stop global warming."

We are very motivated to offer him this platform, which we upgraded to the level of "Grand Challenge". Although albedo management may never be a reason to slow down reducing greenhouse gasses, mankind might need a "plan B" to stop temperatures from rising too high. Let's elaborate this in time!

Take a look at his ambitious plan and assist him wherever you can.

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