Proposed by Team CDTP

CONCEPT CHALLENGE 0004: How can we use artificial intelligence and robotics to avert climate change?

Many people see robotization as a threat, for instance for employment, as soon robots can perform jobs replacing humans on a large scale. Others are optimistic and see an opportunity to make complex industrial and administrative processes easier and more efficient.

In any case, robots would be able to serve the public good in far more explicit terms, if we endeavour to tackle a problem that next generations will increasingly have to confront: global warning.

Artificial intelligence and algorithms are the future. At the macro-level, knowledge gathered via big data is accumulating at a fast pace. On the micro level, the computers of Google and Facebook are already delving deep into our privacy. And physical robots are becoming increasingly handier too -- from small grip mechanisms to lawnmowers that work independently; from football-playing dolls to robot animals that can jump over obstacles.

Can artificial intelligence and robots contribute to the fight against global warming in one way or another on a large scale? And if so, how? We invite you to interpret this ‘open’ question as broadly as possible and to come up with an innovative solution.

First become a finalist with your unique solution, and then let others help you to further work it out ‘online’. Together we can try to make it happen. Check the rewards: (yet to be determined).

Moderated by team CDTP,  thanks to our 'cool partners' suggesting this.

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