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CONCEPT CHALLENGE 0006: Figure out a better bio kerosene .

Aviation is a major polluter worldwide, responsible for over 2% of the total emissions of greenhouse gases. There is no tax on air tickets and no excises on aircraft fuel, so the principle of the “polluter pays” does not apply here. As the sector is growing at a rate of 4% to 5% per year, the problem keeps getting worse and worse.

Some think that bio kerosene is the solution. This is a mixture of ordinary kerosene and plant material. Lufthansa, for instance, is experimenting with jatropha plant oil. But this so-called “clean aircraft fuel” will not change or improve the world rapidly either. It has a number of annoying drawbacks:

  • The cultivation of plant biofuels threatens the cultivation of food crops worldwide.
  • A surface area the size of Germany would be needed to operate the entire sector with bio kerosene.
  • The climate benefit seems to disappear when all agricultural and other logistical transport movements are taken into consideration.
  • Bio kerosene is still very expense and scarce at this time.

  • Figure out a better type of bio kerosene that does not compete with food crops, requires far less room, is relatively “clean” and not prohibitively expensive.

    This concept challenge sets the bar quite high. The polluting impact of aircraft is so great, that every realistic chance of an improvement is invaluable – so your contribution is most welcome.

    First become a finalist with your unique solution, and then let others help you to further work it out ‘online’. Together we can try to make it happen. Check the rewards: (yet to be determined).

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