How can we make it possible:

In many ways hydrogen remains the fuel for the future, potentially capable of powering millions of cars while emitting nothing more than water from exhaust pipes. The trouble for the nascent hydrogen industry is that it’s progressing too slowly.

To make a push with hydrogen mobility the FCEV-industry (fuel cell electric vehicles) has to act now. And the next step must be immense in order not to be blown away by the EV-industry (electric vehicles). After all, battery-powered cars are racing ahead, with increasing ranges, faster recharging times and falling costs.

Martijn and Sebastiaan propose a breakthrough model H2FORYOU that provides future FCEV-owners with home delivered hydrogen gas. This special service, sponsored by the market and meant to seduce consumers tu buy a hydrogen fuel cell powered car, is supposed to boost the entire FCEV-industry.

Take a look at their ambitious plan and assist them wherever you can.

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