Proposed by Diego Sebastian Serrano

CONCEPT CHALLENGE 0005: Design a model for a 'smart park' to be replicated around the world. Please highlight the accessibility for all, and recognize the fact that space and budget are limiting factors in every city.

How to include nature in our cities?

So-called 'Smart parks' might help people to modify their lifestyle. Uses such as food production, free clean energy, composting organic waste, flood control, revitalizing habitats and the most important: reconnect people with the territory. The activities here can help to spread knowledge about natural resources, clean production, agriculture and cutting-edge technologies for energy efficiency.

Imagine you go for a walk under the shadow of nice trees, drink clean water from the fountain, sit to read a book about local waterfalls from the free shelf, charge your phone with solar energy, eat some berries grown in the park by locals, pee in the fertilizer production area while listening birds, enjoy the gardens, invite friends, watch a small music concert, share pictures, meet experts on environment, eat the most healthy street food with an explanation of where the ingredients came from...

During the time you spent in this 'smart park', you forget about driving your car, or about buying and buying stuff (usually from manufacturers with high carbon footprint). Instead, you remember your childhood and the time with your grandma, so you go to visit her and share stories. You can invite her to see this futuristic park and breath some fresh air. You can inspire others or even replicate at home the green roofs you saw there... Imagine a city that builds parks for the people with the same efficiency as it builds roads for the cars! If it does not cool down the planet, then I am off. Text: Diego Sebastian Serrano - student ambassador - watch profile

Moderated by Cool Down The Planet
Initiated by Diego Sebastian Serrano, student Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague

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