Proposed by Team CDTP

CONCEPT CHALLENGE 0007: Design a nicer, quieter heat pump.

Dwellings can be heated without natural gas. The air/water heat pump is an alternative to the gas-fired central heating boiler, and used more and more frequently. Moreover, the heat pump is making real headway in a number of countries.

A heat pump does not use fossil fuels but a relatively low quantity of electricity. Zero-emission heating can be achieved when green energy is used.

Unfortunately, this system still has its vulnerable sides. We are concentrating on the ‘outdoor unit’ for his challenge. Such a unit often still makes too much noise. Furthermore, some people are not satisfied with how the outdoor unit looks: It is of considerable size and can certainly not be said to embellish the house.

The ‘eye’ and ‘ear’ must also be pleased with a heat pump! And that raises the following challenge:

Think of a smart location and housing for the outdoor unit of a heat pump to make it aesthetically attractive and sound-optimized.

We rely on the following premises to that end:
- A heat pump with average capacity.
- A standard single-family home with a sloping or flat roof.
- A clear front and/or rear façade with small front or rear garden.

First become a finalist with your unique solution, and then let others help you to further work it out ‘online’. Together we can try to make it happen. Check the rewards: (yet to be determined).

Moderated by team CDTP,  thanks to our 'cool partners' suggesting this.

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