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We invite you to share your thoughts. First note that your project should be innovative, original, and ambitous: aimed at realizing a breakthrough in the struggle against global warming. Then register on the site and fill in on the window ‘submit your solution’..


After submission, on a page like this we will post your ideas. It's made up of the following parts:

Short pitch. Use around 100 words to describe your thesis and give it a title. Underline the innovative quality and impact of your proposal.
Your submission. This document goes deeper into the matter of subject and voices your distinctive approach. Length: free. Substantiate your contributions with some pictures. Add a few challenging questions to be answered by the crowd. Convert your document to PDF and upload it on the site. It can be downloaded by visitors of the site.
Video. Optional: make a short video that presents you and your project.

Here's how we publish your proposals, devide them in topics and reach out for 'the crowd'. ---->


Details of your plan - 1 (demo)

Details of your plan - 2 (demo)

Details of your plan - 3 (demo)

Details of your plan - 4 (demo)

Marijke Panis
Marijke Panis
Student moderator
Cool Down The Planet

The information in this window will portrait you as a student and an initiator of new ideas that might help tackle global warming. Here you can also ecourage others to respond to the variety of topics, related to your plans.