One of the Coolest Universities:
Ulm University

A few good reasons to call Ulm University one of the Coolest Universities:

    1.  Ulm’s contribution to the energy revolution and electric mobility. The Science City of Ulm is a hotbed of future technology for powerful, reliable batteries and fuel cells. Such novel and environmentally friendly storage and conversion devices could make a substantial contribution to the success of the energy revolution and to establishing electric mobility. To achieve this, Ulm University, which is renowned worldwide for its long-established electrochemistry, collaborates with strong partners from the industry. Strong partners in the Science City: HIU and ZSW.
    2. Strong partners in the Science City: HIU and ZSW. The Helmholtz Institute Ulm for Electrochemical Energy Storage (HIU) and the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW) Baden-Württemberg are central links between fundamental research and praxis in the Science City. The Director of the ZSW also holds a professorship at the University’s Faculty of Natural Sciences. The University furthermore collaborates with the Daimler Research Centre.
    3. Ulm has introduced a lecture course ‘Energy Supply, Climate Change, and Nuclear Fusion Research. This lecture course introduces the basics of energy supply in Germany and reports in detail about conventional energy sources such as coal, oil and nuclear, as well asalternatives such as wind , biomass and solar. The flow of energy starting from production in industrial power plants or through small scale local facilities towards its consumption for private households, transport and industry are discussed.

Last but not least:
A team of Ulm University has been supporting Cool Down The Planet by participating in the hydrogen challenge . For this we want to show our appreciation!